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RE8041 Multi-purpose Portable Drawstring Mesh Storage Bag

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UPC: 793842529968
  • Multi Usage: The mesh stuff bag can be used on laundry for delicate items like lingerie, underwear, sweater, etc, also do best when contained in a bag or when washing camping kitchen items. It is good for beach toys, sunblock lotions, tanning oils, scout mess kits, and seashell collecting. You can also use them to store and sort items, clothes, shoes, equipment, electronic accessories, tools, stationary, school and art supplies to toss into larger bags.
  • Best choice: Surprise your friends and families with this amazing goods on your special days.
  • Features: Lightweight material has a natural resistance to moisture, chemicals, and weather. Mesh design allows ample air flow and keeps essential items and clothing organized, smell-free, secure, and visible. Drawstring cord lock is convenient for your casual carrying and quick easy accessible
  • Material: heavy duty nylon material with strong stitching for extra stability, durable for rip and tear resistant, sliding drawstring cord lock closure provides security that items won’t spill out
  • Size and Color: 7 x 10 inches (Blue), 11 x 16 inches (Green), 15 x 22 inches (Red)
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